New Poems

Hot Off the Press:

American Poetry Review, “Self-Operating Machines” (May/June 2020)

The Kenyon Review, “Epithalamium Aubade” and ‘A Field Guide to Mythological Botany” (May/June 2020)

Poetry Ireland,“Lionfish Robot” (Issue 130)

Coming soon:

Bennington Review,“Invention #4,” forthcoming

Pleaides,“Ode to the Robobee,” forthcoming

Poetry Northwest, “Emergency” and “Invention #2” forthcoming

Southern Review, “The Mechanical Eves,” forthcoming

More New Poems:

Verse Daily, “Automaton Angels”

Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day, “Not Everybody’s Bestiary (Yet)”

32 Poems, “Automaton Angel,” and “Ode to the Water Thief”

The New Yorker, “The Girlfriend Elegies”

Orion, “Red-tailed Hawk”

The Florida Review, “Gerbert of Aurillac and the Magic Eightball”

Miracle Monocle, “Vaucanson’s Digesting Duck (1739)”

Beloit Poetry Journal, “Claquers”

Nimrod, “The Mechanical Monk”

A full creative publications list is available here.