Composer Mara Gibson

Mara Gibson set my poem “The Mothers” as “White Ash,” and my poem “Descartes’ Daughter” as “The Clockmaker’s Doll, included in the forthcoming Black Meridian tour by Megan Ihnen & Alan Theisen Present.

Composer Anna Rubin

Anna Rubin is currently working on an electroacoustic piece using my poem “Mechanical Monk,” from Oh You Robot Saints!

Composer Brian Baxter

I wrote “Ars Poetica” for composer Brian Baxter for a Singers on New Ground performance in Chicago. My first collaboration! Available here.

Composer Joseph Dangerfield

Composer Joseph Dangerfield set my poem “The Spokes of Venus, ” sung here by Megan Ihnen, with additional voice by Jillian Dangerfield. All composed, performed, and mastered during the pandemic shutdown! Take a listen here.

Broadside by Katie Platte

Katie Platte of the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center created a broadside of my poem “Out of the Ruins,” from Sometimes We’re All Living in a Foreign Country. You can purchase a copy at their website and support beautiful book arts!

Composer Eric Malmquist

Eric Malmquist, my collaborator for the first three seasons of the Memorious Art Song contest, set my poem “For the Sin of Bossiness” for La Caccina Vocal Ensemble. Other works of his that work with my poems are “Juramentado,” and “Payatas” from my in-progress collection We’ll Never Get Back to Zamboanga, and “Song of the Rattling Pipe,” from Little Murders Everywhere.

Composer Aaron Stepp

A few of Aaron Stepp‘s settings of my work are “Diptych” and “Junkyard Temples.” Our electroacoustic collaboration “ghazal::unbound” was created through a joint fellowship at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and was part of AXIS, a thirteen-artist exhibition at Brentwood Arts Exchange in 2014. His “Junkyard Temples Set 2:Solanum” was included in the Technosonics XVI: Music and Contemplation festival at the University of Virginia in October 2015.

Motionpoems Film

My poem “Caught,” about Abraham Walkowitz’s drawings of Isadora Duncan, was selected by Motionpoems for their 2015 season. Filmmaker Jay Buim adapted the poem to film. (Unfortunately, the film is not available online at this time.)