Michael Hall and Megan Ihnen perform composer Eric Malmquist‘s setting of the poem “Song of the Rattling Pipe” from Little Murders Everywhere.
Composer Mara Gibson‘s Galatea’s Dream, which includes poems from Sometimes We’re All Living in a Foreign Country and Oh You Robot Saints!
Collaboration with composer Eric Malmquist and Soprano Ariana Stahl, 2020.
Composer Joseph Dangerfield‘s setting of the title poem of The Spokes of Venus. Featuring Megan Ihnen. 2020.
“Ars Poetica” written for composer Brian Baxter.
Composer Eric Malmquist’s setting of For the Sin of Bossiness (from Little Murders Everywhere) for La Caccina women’s vocal ensemble.
Aaron Stepp‘s setting of sections of the sequence “Junkyard Temples.”
Composer Aaron Stepp’s Diptych, a setting of poems from Little Murders Everywhere.
Electroacoustic collaboration with composer Aaron Stepp, created as joint fellows at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.