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Sometimes We’re All Living in a Foreign Country
Carnegie Mellon University Press (October 2017)
$15.95 Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-88748-625-8

Ranging from love song to train song to jump rope rhyme, the poems of Sometimes We’re All Living in a Foreign Country are voiced by perpetual outsiders searching for a sense of place from small Southern towns to the tunnels and tracks of the urban North. Personal and regional histories blur through the intimate paths of tornadoes, guns, suburban sprawl, and the ongoing quest to escape where we come from.

The Spokes of Venus

Carnegie Mellon University Press (February 2016)
$15.95 Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-88748-606-7

Musicians, wig makers, sculptors, perfumers, choreographers, and composers all help conjure the worlds of Frank’s second collection, The Spokes of Venus. These poems offer a landscape shaped by the tensions between the act of making and the art of observing. If music and art are the sisters of poetry, this collection is a chorus–a glorious one-of siblings arguing and singing.

Little Murders Everywhere
Salmon Poetry (February 2012)
Paperback. ISBN: 978-1-907056-89-5

Finalist for the Kate Tuft’s Discovery Award

This lyrical chorus of elegies tracks a contemporary city dweller’s observations of a decaying world ripe with miscommunications and the pecadillos and pitfalls of interpersonal relationships. Through wry laments for love lost, addresses to imagined ghostly figures ranging from Edna St Vincent Millay to a local carnival act who drives nails into his face, and a series of contemporary sonnets for every day “sins” such as gossip, bossiness, and lying, the central speaker grapples with the physical demise of the natural and manmade world and the threat of a more personal and permanent loss.