I have been fortunate to have so many talented artists in other fields work with my poems, including composers Brian Baxter, Mara Gibson, Eric Malmquist, Anna Rubin, and Aaron Stepp, as well as filmmaker Jay Buim and artist Katie Platte.  Take a look ( or listen):


As part of Motionpoems, filmmaker Jay Buim created a film based on my poem “Caught,” from The Spokes of Venus:


Composer Mara Gibson ‘s settings of my poem “The Mothers”  premiered as “White Ash” at  Louisiana State University in April 2019 with a performance by Megan Ihnen and Darrel Hale:

Composer Eric Malmquist’s setting of my poem “For the Sin of Bossiness” premiered in a performance by La Caccina Vocal Ensemble in Chicago, IL, 2018:

Composer Eric Malmquist’s setting of my poem”Payatas”  performed by Soprano Alison Wahl and Chicago Q Ensemble, 2013:

Composer Eric Malmquist’s setting of my poem “Juramentado, performed by Tenor Jacob Christopher and pianist Kevin Reeks, Singers On New Ground Concert, Chicago, 2011:

“Ars Poetica. Composer Brian Baxter. Performed by Caitlin McKechney and Myron Silberstein, and produced by Eric Malmquist as part of the Singers On New Ground Ars Poetica concert in Chicago, 2010:

Composer Aaron Stepp’s setting of a few of my poems as”Diptych.”

Composer Aaron Stepp’s setting of a few sections of my long sequence,”Junkyard Temples.”


Aaron Stepp’s newest digital installation using my poetry is ” Junkyard Temples, Set II: Solanum,” which was part of the Technosonics XVI: Music and Contemplation festival at the University of Virginia in October 2015. It is now available to watch and listen to here.


My first digital collaboration with composer Aaron Stepp, “ghazal:: unbound,” was created as joint fellows at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. This sound installation was exhibited at Brentwood Arts Exchange as part of AXIS, a thirteen-artist exhibit in Sept/Oct 2014. (Note: This is meant to be heard as an installation with four speakers.)


As editor of Memorious: A Journal of New Verse & Fiction, I have brought composers and poets together to create original works which have performed in Chicago, Il, including at the Poetry Foundation, and in Nottingham, UK. You can listen to recordings of these works here in the magazine.