September 26, 8 pm

Mid-South Book Festival/Impossible Language Reading Series

Reading with poets Angela Ball and Allison Campbell

Crosstown Arts, 438 N Cleveland St, Memphis, TN

September 2 – October 18

VCCA Fellows Multi-media Exhibit  Brentwood Arts Exchange

AXIS, an exhibition of visual, digital, sound, and literary arts, investigates possibilities for changing, realigning, and connecting multiple media sources to foster new concepts and creative alliances. After a two-year period of collaboration among 13 Fellows from The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, AXIS will debut this fall at DC area’s Brentwood Arts Exchange, under the directorship of Phil Davis. The roster of national and international artists includes:

Jo Ann Biagini (CA) • Julia Bloom (DC) • Blinn Jacobs (CT) • Caroline Burton (NY). Alonzo Davis (MD) • de’ Angelo Dia (NC) • Rebecca Morgan Frank (MS) • David R. Lincoln (NY) Joan Michelson (UK) • Indrani Nayar-Gall (NC) • Judith Pratt (VA) • Jessica Deane Rosner (RI) Aaron Stepp) (KY)


Saturday, June 14  2 pm


Barnes & Noble Bookstore

Gulfport Shopping Center

15246 Crossroads Parkway

Gulfport, MS 39503